Songwriter:  Steve Creamean

Steve Creamean is retired, since a published poet and singer /songwriter who once loved baseball and played semipro hardball with a "Cubs" team until he was 62.

Singer / Songwriter:  Jordan Ash 

Jordan Ash, a Golden Colorado Native, is an American Music Artist.  Jordan is currently living in Las Vegas.  I do copyist sheet music engraving of some of Jordan's original songs. 

                          Jordan Ash official website


Songwriter: Ethel A. Briones-Perry

Ethel (aka) Lyn is a songwriter originally from the Phillippines where she earned a Masters in music.  She teaches music here in there USA where she has officially been a citizen for many years.  Lyn is now officially a published songwriter. Her worldwide published song is "The Lost Boys From Neverland" and was penned for Peter Pan's Magical World of Neverland.

Songwriter:  Terry LaMont

Terry LaMont is a popular regional performer who resides in La Grande, Oregon.  Terry recorded and mixed all of the tracks on his newest CD compilation that has been gifted to the charity Meals on Wheels.  His CD was mastered and manufactured by James Presley Music.