The project for charity

The project for charity

Peter Pan's Magical World of Neverland is a project I created with colleagues in the entertainment industry.  This is a musical, comprised of ACTs, and is intended for high school theaters to perform but can only be licensed for performances by Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity in London, England.  The primary act premiered on December 13, 2019.  The new adaptation includes script, songs, and music score that is performed and filmed at the Performing Arts Center in Summerlin Las Vegas, Nevada.  Then the entire script, songs, and music score are gifted to Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, England.  The next performance has a target date of December 2023.  My goal is to sell merchandise that includes recordings as well as accepting donations to raise funds for at least 1 and possibly 2 performances in December 2023.  These performances will be filmed and become available as a tool for high schools when learning the presentation, script and songs of the ACTs in the musical.  In 2023 we will donate 100% of the proceeds from ticket sales of the 2 performances to Great Ormond Street Hospital.  A total of approximately $10,000.00 if required to do a performance and fly the cast for 3 ACTs.  Flying by Fly is the company that traditionally flies Peter Pan and the cast since the 1950's in the major productions of Pan.  This is the same company that flies our cast.  Expenses to 4-wall the theater, fly the cast, hire techs, rent mics, purchase costumes, build sets, purchase insurance, and etc. are tremendous.  My goal is to raise $5K during the year 2022 and $5K before September 2023.  You can help Peter Pan fly in Las Vegas by purchasing merchandise or donating funds from this website.  When you purchase merchandise from The Music Shoppe or donate funds, from this website, you will have the first option to purchase tickets to the performances prior to the general public.

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Help Peter Pan fly in Las Vegas 2023

When you donate to help present our theater production in 2023 your name and the amount of your donation will be listed on this website.  Simply click the "donate" button and enter your info and the amount being donated.

Those that are helping Peter Pan Fly in Las Vegas with the target date December 2023

Robin Faircloth..........Merchandise from The Music Shoppe..........100.00

Joetta Gibbs..........Merchandise from The Music Shoppe..........53.99

Brandon Leith..........Merchandise from The Music Shoppe..........20.00

Jerry Cornell THEME PARKOLOGY..........Merchandise from The Music Shoppe..........15.00

Matthew Bennett..........Merchandise from The Music Shoppe..........50.00

Patricia and Ron Orr..........Merchandise from The Music Shoppe..........30.00

Donna Schaefer..........Merchandise from The Music Shoppe..........50.00

James donation..........112.00

TOTAL FUNDS RAISED TO DATE 12/11/2021:  $430.99

GOAL FOR YEAR END 2022:      $5,000.00

GOAL FOR SEPTEMBER 2023:  $5000.00