Indie release date Dec. 13, 2019

Visit our Peter Pan Store for our movie memorabilia.  Click logo

Visit our Peter Pan Store for our movie memorabilia. Click logo

GOSH is the charity good cause for our indie production

GOSH is the charity good cause for our indie production

Theme Parkology (Sponsor)

Theme Parkology (Sponsor)

Our goal to pay the fee for FLYING BY FOY  to fly our characters is $2600.00.  Currently all funding from merchandise helps us reach this goal.

As of March 28, 2019 the theater is 100% paid and contracted and we have raised $2323.00 towards our $2600.00 goal.

The remaining balance to pay for FLYING BY FOY is:  $277.00

Following the FOY  fundraising we will create more memorabilia to raise funds for sets, equipment rental, event insurance, and costumes.  Any of the certified memorabilia or Golden Boarding Passes that you purchase from the Peter Pan Store  will help us reach our funding goals and your name will be placed into the closing credits of the animated feature as helping Peter Pan fly in Las Vegas.

Poke here to visit the PETER PAN STORE

Poke here so see who has helped Peter Pan fly in Las Vegas!



These good people have helped Peter Pan Fly in Las Vegas  

Christian Gitersonke (limited editions)

Lawrence Borovay (2 limited editions)

Mal Hancock (limited editions)

Terry Lamont (limited editions)

Beverly Lowak (2 editions / T-shirt)

Roger Dowdall  (limited editions)

Darlene Kasper, Duchess Kasper, and Ken Johnson  (limited editions / t-shirt)

Benay Wells (limited editions / t-shirt)

Kathy Wolfe (limited editions)

Lila Desatoff (7 limited editions) (limited editions, soundtrack)

Jerry Cornell (limited editions)

Paul Tabar (limited editions)

Brian and MaryAnn Cohen (limited editions)

Mike Emory (limited editions)

Sara and Brett Cohen (limited editions)

Mike Borgschatz (limited editions)

Rachael Borgschatz (limited editions)

Talon Morrill (limited editions)

Sarah Morrill (limited editions, soundtrack)

Dakota Pribble (limited editions)

Lindsey Pribble (limited editions)

Tim Ellis (limited editions)

Joe Evans (limited editions)

Aaron Neubauer (limited editions)

Chris Petrie (limited editions)

Joshua Parks (limited editions)

Kaylee Parks (limited editions)

Carolyn Hoagland (limited editions)

Kathie Tyree (limited editions) (t-shirts)

Gary Tyree (soundtrack)

Chelly Francis  (limited editions)

Mary Kempf (limited editions)

Joann Wegenke (6 editions) (t-shirts) (4 soundtracks)

Audrey Stabenow (limited editions)

Kari Wegenke (limited editions)

Audrey Stabenow 

Bruce Foote (limited editions / soundtrack)

Nancy Foote ( Golden Boarding Passes)

John and Pam Schunn (limited editions)

Steven Lynne (limited editions)

Maria Tabar (limited editions)

Terry and Kathleen Fairchild (7 Limited Editions)

Ethel A. Briones Perry (limited editions)

Theodora Foreman (limited editions)

Rocky Esrey (limited editions)

Becky Esrey (limited editions)

Becky Angelottia (limited editions)

Diana Workman (limited editions)

Shannel and Ricci Gnov  (limited editions)

Dennis and Donna Presley (7 Limited Editions, soundtrack) 

Suzanne Cole (limited editions)

Linda Swisher (2 editions / soundtrack)

Darrell Calk Jr (t-shirt)

Sharon Ambrosia (limited Editions)

Danette Schmidt (limited editions)

Bill and Kelly McKay (2 limited editions)

Scott Pyle (limited edition)

Jim Darr (limited edition)

Cindy Padlo (limited editions) 

Dina Isas (limited editions)

Joetta Gibbs (3 tickets to the World Premiere / Soundtrack)

Shari Young (2 tickets to the World Premiere)

Karen Tregarthen (limited editions)

Sankey Porterfield (Golden Boarding Pass to Neverland, soundtrack)

Teresa Nye (Golden Boarding Pass To Neverland, soundtrack)

Jorge Arnoldson ( Golden Boarding Passes To Neverland)

Karen DiSorbo (Golden Boarding Passes To Neverland)

Jerry Cornell (Golden Boarding Passes, limited editions, soundtrack)

Ivette Mcnally (soundtrack)

Linda Rolls (Golden Boarding Passes, soundtracks,shirt)

Pamalyn Lynn (Golden Boarding Passes, soundtrack)

Louis Boish (Golden Boarding Pass, soundtrack)

Nicolasa Nevarez (Golden Boarding Passes, soundtracks)

Brian Hugo (Golden boarding Passes, soundtracks)

Daron L. Sorg (soundtrack / Golden Boarding Pass)

Greg Ehrbar (soundtrack)

David Weiss (soundtrack)

Daniel Lew (soundtrack, shirt)

Lawrence Borovay (#1/100 soundtrack with 2 tickets, T-shirt, 2 original charts) 

Barbara Van Deusen (soundtrack)

Kelsey Gibson ( soundtrack)

Matthew Larson (soundtrack)

Sandra Givens (soundtrack)

Michael Rosoff (soundtrack / Golden Boarding Pass)

Darrell Coates (soundtrack)

Catherine Perrone (Golden Boarding Pass)

 Anne White (sound track / Golden Boarding Pass)

Rhelda Doke (Golden Boarding Pass / Soundtrack)

Robin Fairchild (limited editions, Golden Boarding Passes, soundtrack)

Ashley Odham (soundtrack)

Steve Presskitt (soundtrack)

Stan and Kathy Farley (soundtrack)

Bill and Joyce Ambre (soundtrack)



Gifts By Small Fry (Sponsor)

Gifts By Small Fry (Sponsor) (Sponsor) (Sponsor)

Mail list for peter pan info

Mail list for Peter Pan info

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