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A Gift for Mom with signatures of Margaret Kerry and Roxy Darr  

The signature limited edition official soundtrack with original cast of Peter Pan's Magical World of Neverland is shipping tomorrow May 13, 2019.  The original 1953 Tinkerbell and the voice of Wendy Darling are hand-signed on the cover.  There are only 100 in this series.  Check it out here...

Peter Pan 6 Signature Soundtrack now available  

You can help Peter Pan fly in Las Vegas by purchasing the limited edition signature soundtrack and your name will be placed into the closing credits of the animated feature.  This is as series of 100 hand signed CDs with 8 x 10 glossy certificate of authenticity and the signatures of Margaret Kerry (original 1953 Tinkerbell), Roxy Darr (West Coast star), Mark OToole (Las Vegas Star), Jennifer Beall (Las Vegas Star), Ethel A Briones-Perry (Las Vegas based songwriter), and James Presley (producer).  When you purchase the signature edition the funds will help pay for Flying By Foy and that is the company that will fly Peter, Wendy, John, and Michael in the Dec 13, 2019 premiere of the live stage musical in Las Vegas.  Poke here for purchase and more info.

CD Review by JC Tregarthen from Disney Pulse Group  

Personal favorites include "Tic Toc Rockin' Crocodile" ~ a fun rockabilly-styled tune as written & performed by Brett Cohen (we miss you, brother); "A Shining Star" ~ lovely & soothing vocals written & vocals by Roxy Darr; "Kiss and Hug Your Mum Goodnight"~ a short yet sweet lulluby performed by Jennifer Beall; and the waltz-laden love song, "Don't Want To Grow Up" ~ beautiful words and vocals by Roxy Darr... this is my favorite track from this compilation - it's gentle composition touches the soul and journeys well beyond the film in meaning and emotion.  It's airplay worthy and relevant...more...

Read the reviews and check out the demo clips  

Reviews are coming in for the signature limited edition soundtrack of Peter Pan's Magical World of Neverland.

JERRY CORNELL:  I went to this year’s Disneyana Expo in Anaheim, California with one purpose in mind, to purchase the just released Peter Pan's Magical World of Neverland soundtrack CD. I enjoy the works of James Presley as well as the musical talent of Roxy Darr.  I had the pleasure of listening to the CD on my five-hour drive home and I really must say this is a fantastic musical CD. Roxy Darr really shine through the songs, A Shining Star, Don’t Want to Grow Up, and Always Be A Fairy. These were magical tracks. The Lost Boys from Neverland was charming, Flight to Neverland whimsical, and Kiss and Hug Your Mum Goodnight by Jennifer more and hear the demo clips

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