Progress report for Peter Pan Project 

The 2019 version of Peter Pan, Peter Pan's Magical World of Neverland,  is beginning final production phases before the premiere in Las Vegas on Dec. 13, 2019.  The Neverland Animation Team is starting final production and the soundtrack will be released at the Disneyana Fan Club Show and Sale on May 5th.  Our Soundtrack will be released to the public on May 6.  The CD will be offered as a limited edition of only 100.  A digital version of the soundtrack will be released following the premiere; however, this limited edition will have signatures from:  Margaret Kerry, Roxy Darr, Jennifer Beall, Ethel A Birones-Perry, Mark OToole, and your truly.  This year Margaret will turn 90 years young and it has been 90 years since the copyright of Peter Pan was bequeathed to the Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital in London.  Our small Indie movie and live stage musical has great significance in the realm of Peter Pan. We hope to contribute to the legacy of this famous story written by James M Barrie.  Our fund raisers have paid for the theater in full and allowed us to manufacture T-shirts for the premiere as well as have paid for shipping of the first set of signature limited edition character model sheets that began raising funds to pay for the production.  Our next effort is to pay for, "Flying By Foy" so our characters will fly in the stage musical on Dec 13th.  The package price for Peter Pan to fly is affordable since "Foy" is located here in Las Vegas.  Most shows pay upwards to $8K.  Our Las Vegas price is based at $2600.00 as we are both local.  So far we have $1080.00 banked towards paying for "Foy".  My fingers are crossed the the soundtrack will pay the balance of   $1520.00.  Additional funds will pay for costume rental, sets, additional techs, and headset wireless mics for the actors.  The soundtrack will be a true collectible piece with 14 songs listed from the movie and an additional hidden song in the soundtrack.  Price will be $25.00 + shipping for CD with signatures, and matching certificate ...  or....$40.00 + FREE shipping, for CD with signatures, certificate and a ticket to the premiere (ticket valued at $30).  More info coming soon!    Official Website

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