Peter Pan 6 Signature Soundtrack now available 

You can help Peter Pan fly in Las Vegas by purchasing the limited edition signature soundtrack and your name will be placed into the closing credits of the animated feature.  This is as series of 100 hand signed CDs with 8 x 10 glossy certificate of authenticity and the signatures of Margaret Kerry (original 1953 Tinkerbell), Roxy Darr (West Coast star), Mark OToole (Las Vegas Star), Jennifer Beall (Las Vegas Star), Ethel A Briones-Perry (Las Vegas based songwriter), and James Presley (producer).  When you purchase the signature edition the funds will help pay for Flying By Foy and that is the company that will fly Peter, Wendy, John, and Michael in the Dec 13, 2019 premiere of the live stage musical in Las Vegas.  Poke here for purchase and more info.

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